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New Year-new ideas.

Reading this coin purse made me cringe a little but it was part of a grouping that was purchased to sell in the store. As I was explaining my distaste for the quote to one of my staff, she explained to me that it was a skit by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on SNL (Saturday Night Live) and women constantly quote it. Sadly or gratefully, I go to bed early so my days of watching SNL ended around 1990. I had no idea but this is where my (dare I say) 30 to 40 year age difference between myself and my staff comes in handy. They keep me up to date and sorta hip being mostly in their 20s. While I try hard to remain youthful, my primary focus has and will always be my business and let’s face it, business is personal, especially when it’s your own - it ages you dramatically. Yet, suddenly this little coin purse has become so meaningful at the end of 2019. "Bitches get stuff done." and we do...

This past year we ran into the typical challenges that any growing small business experiences such as growth, competition, funding, etc. add to this mix that every product by Sea Foam Soap Company is hand made on site brings a different level of stress to the scene. Instead of seeing it as a threat or a problem we dared and doubted but grew in more ways than just one. Personally, professionally and space wise too!

From what our customers asked, we made a list and began to develop and create lines like our facial products which have become a customer favorite. Since introducing the line in late March of 2019 it has grown in product to include a pimple zapper, a cream facial wash, detox soaps, eye cream, facial creams for all skin types, hydrating sprays for any age and an age defying serum. If you haven’t checked it out come on in and ask us about it.

Other lines that were created in 2019 - a complete foot care system which includes a wonderfully tingly peppermint foot soak, scrub, lotion and foot spray. If you stand on your feet all day, are an avid walker or runner or just get tired feet this will surely give you that pep in your step.

Bath Bombs have exploded and will get the attention in 2020 that they deserve. We will be adding to the line with new fragrances to enhance this department.

A kitchen line that is on its way to be completed will be introduced the 3rd week of January. (We can’t wait!)

Our first subscription box called “Hello Sunshine Club Box,” was introduced in November and shipped the first week of December. Many of the people that ordered it sent us notes saying how much they loved it and what a wonderful surprise it was to open and see all of the goodies. For this box we partnered with our good friends at Coastal FX in Stone Harbor on 96th Street. We also jointly own the Hello Sunshine Mobile Fashion Truck which is basically a store on wheels that can be booked for a girls night, corporate events, festivals and farmers markets.

And Pop Up Stores...we are working on a new pop up to be determined soon! Look for the announcement on Facebook, Instagram and our website too.

About the store, we’ve grown and our space is getting too small for everything we want to do. What does this mean? No we aren’t moving again because 99th street location has been good to us. I mean who else has a deck with the most beautiful view of the Shelter Haven Cove? What store has a window that faces this view? Not any and we aren’t giving it up! What we are doing is taking over the building next to us where Endeavor Athletic was located. This new space will feature new soap scents, more departments and some fun comfy things to just make you feel good. We are excited to spread our wings a bit more and hope that you like what is being planned.

And lastly, we are here to help cabin fever by offering some fun winter classes. Check our website for the class schedule to be posted soon. First class will be the Art of Making Detoxifying Infused Water for a Healthy start to 2020. Please join us on January 11 from 2pm to 3pm to learn how to make refreshing flavored waters in a Weck Juice Bottle. You’ll leave with a cool juice bottle and several different recipes that are sure to cure the winter blues. Reservations are necessary, class size is limited. The fee is $25.

So to my distasteful coin bag, I lift my glass to you on this eve of a new year/new decade and say thank you. It’s so very hard to believe that we have been through another year filled with high hopes, a few defeats but more importantly your support by our side, and another decade in the books! Here’s to you! Thank you for making 2019 a great year for SFSC and Blue Eden.

And remember, “bitches get stuff done.”

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