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Soap bars on the rise

Often in the summer I hear customers wanting body wash instead of a bar of soap but did you know that soap bars being purchased are on the rise due to an awareness of plastic waste increasing, environmentally friendly packaging is not just a trend; it is a movement of the whole beauty industry, and brands are taking notice. In fact, according to Mintel Research, ethical packaging was the 6th top claim appearing among New Product Developments (NPD) in the personal care sector throughout 2018, following Paraben-Free, Dermatologically Tested, Moisturising and Hydrating, Ethical Cruelty-free, and the top Natural/ Botanical claims. It seems that this category will see more growth in the future, as consumers are increasingly embracing the zero-waste movement globally.

While I'd love to find a great packaging solution to the containers that we use for our organic sugar scrubs and goat milk, honey and shea butter lotions - glass is not an option as many of our customers use these products in the shower. But we have a great solution - bring your jars in and we will recycle them - wait that's not all, you will receive a $1 off like product when you bring in your old jar. Just make sure all tags are off and the jar/lid are clean.

Not a bad compromise and isn't that what life is mostly about these days? Until our next blog - remember to save your jars and bring them to us to recycle!

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