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The Lure of Capri, right in your kitchen

What is it about little sun drenched villages that seem to make life so irresistible?

Capri, Italy should be on your bucket list of to dos. Other than the fine cuisine and beautiful views there are lemon trees and lemons everywhere. The combination of bright and cheerful yellow mixed against the deep crystal blue Gulf of Naples, craggy cliffs and pastel-hued houses covered in bougainvillea is undeniably one of the most picturesque backdrops in the world. This is what inspired us here at Blue Eden & Sea Foam Soap Company to create our "Capri Lemon" line.

Want a little positivity in your life? Light a lemon candle to instantly fill your space with good vibes as it also refreshes stale air. This complete line consist of an infused Himalayan Salt Soap (great for exfoliating hands) with that beautiful lemon scent, Capri Lemon Lotion, Capri Lemon 3 in 1 liquid soap, Capri Lemon Room Spray - all the good things in lemon to liven up your space.

SIDE NOTE: Products are made with natural essential oil, 100% organic soy wax, diatilled water, paraben and sulfate free.

Here is a quick and easy recipe for room spray.


*Distilled Water


*Essential Oil of Lemon

*Bottle with Spray Cap


In a large glass mixing bowl, pour 1 cup distilled water, 1oz Vodka (make sure it is cheap American brand) 1oz essential oil. Mix, pour into bottle. Save left over in a glass jar to refill when you run out. Shelf life is a year.

While we may not be able to visit Capri Italy just yet, this is a sure fire way to enjoy the dream.

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