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The risk of an entrepreneur. Love, passion, patience and trust.

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

It's so hard to imagine that this little shop has been going strong since 1997. This year marks the 25th anniversary. Should I be getting something silver?

My story, well it is a beautiful love story. Through amazing highs, to the lowest of lows I/it has endured with lots of love, trust, patience and passion - I wouldn't have done it without all of those feelings and factors.

As personal and intimate as any love story written its has a heroine, a savior, a bad guy and many loved family and friends all rooting for us. Could it be a Hallmark movie? I think so.

This shop isn't based on success drivers like money, notoriety or being my own boss, hell no; it has always been based on you. On building a company from a dream and creating an environment based on its mission then adding to that mission a good group of people that ultimately thrive. Success and happiness can happen simultaneously.

A mission driven by the love of something is one of the fiercest forces for success, it is that "never give up attitude." I've never wavered on what I wanted to do in my life, as a little girl I knew that I wanted a shop. It has been a road less traveled but the many hundreds of miles that I have walked to get here, the love, passion, trust and patience have taken center stage and has proven over and over, I am where I need to be, at this moment and I am doing what I love and I love doing it for you.

Thank you.

PS. Our 25th Anniversary Logo - what are your thoughts?

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