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Product description - one of Caroline's Favorites! -why we love it.

Biodegradable Heavy Duty Non Scratch Dish Scrubber Pads To Get Dishes Cleaner. Eco Friendly 100% Natural, Odor Free Plant Fiber Loofahs Expand and Soften When Wet To Clean Tough Baked On Food, From Grand Fusion. EASY ON THE ENVIRONMENT, TOUGH ON GREASE AND BAKED ON FOOD. Great for scraping and cleaning plates, bowls, flatware, cast iron and even non-stick pots and pans without scratching or damaging cookware SCRUBBERS ARE NON-SCRATCH AND ODOR FREE. They grow and soften when wet to get stuck on food and prevent scratching even delicate pieces like crystal, glass or fine china. Won't smell like sponges SUPER DURABLE AND FAST-DRYING. Unlike normal sponges these won’t fall apart or drop fibers or debris when used on rough surfaces. Convenient loops to hang dry over a faucet handle or kitchen sink hook COMPLETELY BIODEGRADABLE FOR MINIMAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. Professional strength scrubbers made of all natural plant fibers won't harm the environment while breaking down when it's time

Includes 2 scrubbers - small and medium

All Natural Scrubbing Pads

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