Sea Foam Soap Co. a blue eden company

 300 & 302 99th Street

Stone Harbor, NJ 08247


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Celebrating 22 years of making bubbly bath products.

Stone Harbor's only soap boutique that makes everything onsite!

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  • PERFECT FOR FULL-BODY CLEANSING AND EXFOLIATION: The nylon exfoliating cloth is the best bath product for removing dead skin cells, stimulating blood circulation, eliminating impurities, and unclogging pores.
  • REMOVES DIRT, OIL, AND OTHER IMPURITIES FROM THE SKIN: The exfoliating towel is rougher than a standard wash cloth, but soft enough for daily use. The nylon cloth fabric encourages strong soap lathering and works well for eliminating dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin.
  • FEELS AMAZING ON THE BACK AND FEET: The rougher texture of the nylon towel is similar to a back scratch and revitalizes the look and feel of skin by stimulating blood flow and removing impurities that cause irritation and breakouts.
  • EXTRA LONG DESIGN MAKES IT EASY TO REACH ALL AREAS OF THE BODY: Our nylon bath cloths are approximately 11 inches wide and 36 inches long which makes them ideal for washing all areas of the body including the back and feet. They also rinse well and dry quickly to provide a more hygienic and enjoyable bathing experience.

Konjac Wash Cloths