1.5 oz of goat milk and tea tree soap. It's the perfect size to carry in your tote or handbag, pack in a lunch bag or carry in a pocket. Made with pure essential oil of tea tree, it's a great antiseptic and antibacterial soap. We will even slice it down for you so you can have a once and done bar of soap!

Why do we recommend this soap?

Because our track record proves this one is a winner for anyone suffering from skin irritations and dryness. A gentle cleanser that effectively removes makeup, dirt and grime, leaving skin soft and supple. The whipped texture transforms into a sumptuous soap when blended with water. Scented with the effective and medicinal powers of Tea Tree Oil which is known to control blemishes without being overly drying for the skin. As a natural antiseptic, tea tree oil soap helps heal acne and other skin ailments.

Small size Tea Tree and Goat Milk Soap