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Julie Richard Ceramist is a tiny company who creates happy ceramics. One smile at the time, she wants to change the world - let's do it!  Small ceramic planter vintage camper.


Summer time, summer time, sum, sum, summertime! The perfect summertime planter with a cool retro look of summers past. How wonderful to go back in time with just a small reminder of days gone by.


Small ceramic planter vintage truck. Handmade by assembling clay slab, following the design of a handmade pattern. Made of white clay, glaze inside to ensure waterproofing. Only one face is painted. Weight - 0.3 kg. Dimension - 3.5'' x 3.75'' x 2.25''.

Vintage Fruit Truck - Planter by Julie Richards

$62.00 Regular Price
$31.00Sale Price