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Latherman - Pure Soap

Our very own cold processed soaps have benefits that far surpass any store bought, over the counter soap. Latherman soaps are all made with plant based oils like olive, coconut, castor and shea butter, with added extras like goat's milk and herbal infused olive oils. All of this makes our soaps second to none. In cold processed soaps it is all about mixing oil and water together. Impossible you say?  We say hog wash, because this type of soap relies on natural ingredients and time for the chemical reaction known as saponification to do its thing and solidify the oils. It does not require the use of heat to complete the process (hence the name), resulting in soap that's good for the skin!


WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT OUR SOAPS:Cold process soap is long lasting as it does not get exposed to high heat levels and chemicals that can reduce the lifespan. Cold process soap contains oils and fats from plants and it has a much higher fat content than other soaps, which means that it's also more moisturizing. AND the scents - wow!!! You'll fall in love with Spiced Rum, Take a Hike, Blue Magnolia, Pretty in Pink, COCO, The Kracken (activated charcoal) Herbal Tea, Cocoa & Peppermint, Chocolate Torte and Oatmeal Cookie.

8OZs of pure love. Latherman is a line geared to men, but we took the liberty to make a few girly scents because we loved the lather for shaving delicate parts. 


Don't forget to check out our Latherman line for fishermen and pirates! Arrghh

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