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We work hand-in-hand with highly-skilled female artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal who spin, dye, knit, and felt accessories using skills entrusted by generations and guided by sustainable practices.

Some women choose to knit from their homes while they care for their families, and others prefer to work together in knitting circles. We follow fair trade principles and pay the artisans a living wage. This collection of winter accessories are made to last. Our artisians source high-quality natural wools that are spun and dyed by hand, a process that produces little to no emissions.

The combination of  unique patterns, stunning hand-embroidery, and elaborate embellishments create a line of winter hats and accessories unlike any other in today's market. We hope you enjoy this beautiful product that will last for a lifetime, we think of it as an heirloom piece.

Coordinating Text Messaging Gloves available too!

Hand Dyed Headband (earwarmers) - Teal with beaded embellishment

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