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Lilac is truly the epitome of the re-awakening of spring. Their reliability in colder climates and their profuse blooming in spring make them garden staples – and then of course there is that magnificent fragrance too. No garden is complete without a lilac and in the spring. We take all of our magnificent blooms from our gardens and distill the oil from each flower petal. It's a task that only yields a very small amount of oil but so worth it. That is why we are so limited on stock of this scent - because we basically curate it from begining to end. This year we are offering pre-orders of the products we create in this scent. Act now before it is sold out, cause once its gone it won't be back until next year. 


We've tried to make this as easy as it gets for you to order. Now in one spot you can order every  item that we hand make in the above mentioned scent - soap, lotion, scrub, body spray, body wash, 3 in 1 liquid soap, 5.5oz candle, 12oz candle, 3 wick candle, roll on perfume, travel size lotion, diffuser. Can it be any easier?

Lilacs in Bloom Collection

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