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New for 2024 - SHOWER MIST


What is a shower mist?

Shower mist is a scented spray that you spritz into the water/steam of your shower to transform it into a spa-like oasis.

The steam from the shower’s hot water creates a natural diffuser that spreads and suspends the scent of the essential oils in the shower air.  As you shower, you’re surrounded by the amazing fragrance from the shower spray.

But a shower mist is about a lot more than just a pleasant scent, the shower mist will have the  therapeutic properties of the oils.

Just a few spritzes of a shower mist into a steamy shower can help you sleep, wake up, relieve stress, lift your mood, balance emotions, ease congestion, or rejuvenate your senses.  It all depends on what goal you'd like to achieve.

For a Calming Experience we recommend Lavender

For the relief of congestion we recommend Breathe

For a Mood Boost try the Rosemary Mint.

Shower Mist

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