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Corona-virus preventative measures

In the wake of the fear that has spread across the globe by the progression of the latest corona-virus strain, I've decided to use my marketing outreach platforms to educate the public on what it is exactly we are facing, and how best to defend and combat this health threat, while providing a refuge that is as safe as possible.

Sea Foam Soap Company by Blue Eden is going to take the lead and speak up on preventative measures against the spread of this virus. While we don't have a cure there are products that can help our customer boost their immune systems - such as tinctures to add to herbal teas or to take orally with a dropper (we have them).

Essential Oil blends are in stock and ready to help you heal, aide in sleep, defend yourself against low immune systems, help reduce stress and an assortment of other oils that will help you get through this naturally.

Speaking of essential oils, did you know that tea tree and lavender are natural antiseptics and antibacterials. Click here to order our pure goat milk and lavender or tea tree soaps. Both are great for your skin and will actually add moisture (wash your hands often!)

Be kind, stay safe and if you need anything we will ship it out immediately.



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