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It's not always about the soap

It’s tough being a small business these days, there is so much technology to learn that is in constant motion and constantly changing. When I sit back and think of how long I have been working on computers (since 1978) it’s staggering. In 1978 I took a class in travel for systems and procedures. Here I was taught 6 different airline computer reservation systems. American Airline, United Airlines, TWA, Northwest Airlines, Delta and Continental Airways. I loved every moment of it. Looking back it was so wonderful to be on the ground floor of an exploding industry with amazing technological growth. These skills have pushed me into retaining that knowledge and growing further than I’ve ever imagined personally and professionally.

It makes me laugh a little when I am told that at 60 I’m not young, ok that’s the cycle of life, I’m not a millennial, I wasn’t raised on a computer, but to the contrary in 1978 I was 19 and I still can handle my way around a system. To those naysayers my reply has always been the standard, I can hold my own, more importantly this is my dream and I won’t let go of it and will teach myself what I can and ask questions when I need help.

This brings me to my point. Often I get the questions who does your social media? Answer: Me.Who designed and maintains your website? Answer: Me. Who implemented your retail software? Answer: Me. Who maintains your accounting system? Answer: Me. Who installed your surveillance system Answer: Me. How do you create fresh new post on the daily? Answer: I am doing what I love and I want to stay relevant. It’s not a secret to any business, that in 2020 you have to remain out there constantly planting a seed.

Which brings me to my next point. I’m always open for fresh ideas regarding the website and have listened to your suggestions. It is a constant work in progress like any aspect of a business. Today I made some changes to the site which I think will make it easier to navigate and have added a “search feature.”

As always I am hear to help and listen to your wants or needs. So aside from making all the products in the store - this is the other part of business that goes virtually unnoticed but is a huge part of life in 2020. #smallbusiness #smallbusinessproblems #justdoit #naysayersgonnahate #computers #technology #bloglife #socialmedia #website #lifein2020

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