Raise the Bar Challenge

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Do you know how this challenge started?

Raise the Bar Challenge was created to honor my beloved “Jack.” Jack was my dog that I rescued from a shelter on a very cold night in December of 2003. I found him on a huge farm in Chester County. No one wanted Jack because he was the runt of the litter. The moment we met he walked straight towards me with his little butt wiggling. He was wearing a ridiculous little down jacket that had "Harley Davidson," printed on it and metal studs around the collar. The irony was that he wasn't a little tough guy. Just a smart little Jack Russell Terrier with the sweetest most pleasing personality. He could pick up my mood on any given day and would sit beside me till I either got over it, cried myself out or fell asleep.

In the early days of moving to this place I went through a lot. My dad had just passed, I was moving my life to a new town where I knew nothing or no one. And then there was a business to move, an apartment to clear out and a house that needed a lot of fixing. Not to mention a relationship that was over. So, there you have it all bunch together in one year. They say that the five toughest things to go through that are life changing are death, moving, buying a new home, relationship problems i.e. divorce or break ups and financial insecurity. I decided to do all of that in one year - Welcome to my world in 2004.

But, I got through it - so let's talk about my little Happy Jack. Jack was my sidekick and only buddy since I didn’t know anyone in this new town that I was calling home. Jack, by far became a bit of a celebrity and way more popular than me!  He would happily accompany me to my new store in West Cape May and sit by the door looking out the window while I cleaned, painted or helped a customer. He’d greet everyone that walked through the door never barking always just happy to see you and meet you. Jack had his favorite people too and if he didn't like you, he'd pee on you. This was a tell all for me - the two people he peed on he was absolutely right about! Truth be told Jack rescued me. He was the one that got me up in the morning when I wanted to just lay in bed and not think of a thing. We went for long walks, to the beach and he even attended festivals and events walking by my side. Jack was easy. Easy to love, easy to be with as he feared noth