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6 Tips for a Calming Quarantine

1. Tidy Up When life feels overwhelming, don't let your personal space overwhelm you either. Now is the time to clean out those closest, draws, and do a little spring freshening. Focus on what you can control instead of what you can't - your space will love you for it.

2. Let the light shine in. Staying in the house can deplete your daily dose of Vitamin D. As soon as you get up, have your coffee or tea and open those blinds or curtains. The sun filtering through your home will make you feel happy.

3. Bring a little outdoor love inside! Nothing is more satisfying than tending to thriving house plants. It's mindfulness at its dearest. Not only are plants a beautiful attraction in your home but filter the air and calm anxiousness.  4. Light a candle Let the scent take you on a little mind trip to your favorite place or time, whether it was that perfect beach day or a hike in the woods. Light it, close your eyes, breathe deep and let your mind wander. 

5. While you have the candle burning, get a bath ready for a little self care indulgence. Sit, soak, use your favorite bar of soap or bath bomb. It will calm and soothe your soul. 6. Hang out with your favorite buddy. Admittedly, I probably overindulge in this activity, but my dogs Oliver and Honey Blue are just sweet little friends that give daily. Oliver is a little more vocal than Honey Blue but they are by my side all the time and always put an endearing smile on my face with their antics.

Be Safe, be kind.

xo Caroline

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