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Updated: Apr 17

It could be the way the flower bulbs are popping through the dirt or maybe the way the trees are shedding blooms, possibly the way the sun shines through the window in my room, big and clear, I am feeling a little perkier - with the few glimpses of warmer light and the change is in the air. And I am so ready for it.

Winter this year seemed so clumsy and out of place, exhausting actually. I feel my customers felt this too!

Maybe I should have written this in January, but none of this hit me like it did over the past couple of weeks. 2023 was a year of new beginnings for me. A shift personally and professionally. Some expected, others not so much. Milestone were ushered in as was a new store Oliver & Twist. As 2023 ticked by, it seemed the universe asked me to let go, that it was ok to accept the old and brace myself for the new. I'm doing my best. Don't blink!

Lots of soul searching brings out the best ideas and so many changes to adapt to post Covid rules. We decided to let go of most of the clothing lines in the shop and focus entirely on our Home, Bath and Body lines. After lots of thinking and over thinking of every worse case scenario about a hands on candle making class, we decided to give it a whirl and created the Candle Studio at Just BE Candle Co. While we are still working on making this a great department/section in the store where you can pop in and make a candle, our first class has been scheduled off site at the Reeds Stone Harbor and is set for Saturday, May 11, 2024 - noon to 1:30pm. (you can sign up here) it is going to be a fun class, sip and pour baby!

Our in-store classes will start June 18, you can sign up online (just check out our events section on this website) you can always call us too! And we are also offering Private Classes for a fun night out!

Not being your typical creature of habit, especially when the change is warm and seductive, this morning I went to the garden center and just stood still, closed my eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, God I have been waiting for this moment. I am ready to embrace the change and welcome visitors back to the stores.

"Don't blink, life goes faster than you think, so don't blink" -Kenny Chesney


Caroline (and Oliver)

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I love the idea of the candle making classes . Hoping I can get down this year and get busy creating a magnificent candle . 😘 Love your ideas . Stay fresh

Replying to

Aww, thank you - I am trying. The candle class will be a fun addition to everything else that goes on here (at least that is what I am hoping for!) See you soon, let's pour wax together. xo caroline

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