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It's in the bag

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

The New Jersey bag ban is almost here. Get prepared.

In just a few weeks, New Jersey will ban single-use plastic bags in most instances, and paper bags at large grocery stores. The bill to ban bags and other single-use plastic items was signed into law back in November 2020, but allowed for an 18-month lead time for stores and consumers to prepare.

The ban will be the strictest in the nation when it goes into effect May 4, banning all single-use bags at grocery stores and limiting the types of bags non-grocery stores can use.

What does that mean for boutiques like Blue Eden and Sea Foam Soap Company? We are ok and still allowed to use our beautiful paper bags and tissue. Grocery stores are another story, no more paper bags.

What qualifies as a reusable bag?

To be considered a reusable bag, the bag must have handles, be made of some kind of washable fabric, and withstand 125 uses and multiple washes.

Anything made of plastic, regardless of thickness, is not considered reusable. Bags with glued-on handles also don’t qualify as reusable.

What to do?

At Blue Eden & Sea Foam Soap Company we are huge advocates of the Zero Waste movement (see our refillary) but we are always on the look out for a great and natural product, with cool enhancements and a reasonable price point. Hours of searching led us to purchased a great line of market tote bags that are made out of hemp and are lightly coated with an organic beeswax for easy cleaning. They're available in a variety of colors.

Click here to check them out or purchase your market bag.

While you're checking out the tote bags, be sure to look at the new veggie bags we found - they come in a set of 4 and are great for summer time farmers market purchases to your refridge. We like to say from "farm to fridge." These fit nicely into the tote as well and keep everything organized. They're also easy to clean, just throw them in the washer on a gentle cycle and hang on your line for drying.

By switching to reusables products for our everyday needs we are helping to protect our ocean, waves, and beaches.

Let's all celebrate Earth Day every day.

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