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As a child, Sunday was my Funday with my family. It meant a long list of things to do with my parents, going to church, going to brunch at the Marriott on Cityline Avenue in Philadelphia, visiting relatives, playing with cousins and friends and going on long wild road trips exploring places close by with my dad. He had wanderlust and I am certain I inherited this need to see and go, learn and do.

Yet as an adult and small business owner my Sunday’s have taken on a whole new meaning of preparation for the week ahead. Boy, how I yearn for those simpler days as a kid with my family. There still is that passion for long road trips and going out to brunch with my mom now but my Sunday’s are so different. Priorities change and bend into our daily life obligations. My Sunday’s have been whittled down into two categories: Things I must do for the week ahead, Things that will make my life easier for the week ahead. Do you find yourself in this situation? Not that it is a bad thing, why preparation for anything is a good thing, it will make your life easier but just once, wouldn't it be fun to fly by the seat of your pants and not worry about all of the responsibilities? I guess that’s the Peter Pan Syndrome - to never grow up.

Unfortunately I have a routine that I think improves my well being. First on the list is looking at my calendar. What’s coming up, do I have any meetings schedule, will I be traveling or will I need to cancel something because I am overloaded? There is something new that I’ve added this year to my calendar, running. I’ve realized that I actually enjoy doing this very solitary exercise

(well, Oliver does run with me). Another new item is to remember to make time for the good stuff: wine with your bestie, walks with your dog. It is easy to plan, plan, plan for all the things you *have* to do, but you’ll go crazy if you don’t create space for a little fun.#trudat

Sunday is also my day to make my list for Monday. If I do this I will walk into Monday knowing exactly what I need to do in a cool and calm manner - does my Monday always start off cool - no but at least I have a grip on a small portion of it.

Where am I going with all of this - today I will put the calendar for the week ahead to the side, I’m not going to figure out what meals I will make, or what supplies I need to order, I’m going to make some time for a little self-care. I purchased a good book that I am going to read in my favorite chair, take an extra long nap, catch up with a friend and try out a new

foot soak that I just made, topping it off with a foot scrub and a beautifully scented foot lotion. A little self care goes a long way and helps me to start fresh and prepared for the week ahead. That’s my version of Sunday Funday what's yours? #sundayfunday #shopsmall08247 #supportlocal #footscrub #running #calender #todolist #selfcare

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