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The word chores...

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

As a kid my chores were everything from ironing to cleaning base boards. We were given chores like cleaning our rooms, dusting, cleaning the bathroom etc. It all started when I was about 6 years old. In first grade, if I wanted an allowance I needed to earn it. It's ok, it wasn't child abuse but a learning method of respect. At times there was the muted grumblings, because I am sure I would have much rather watched cartoons and if you're from the Philly area Gene London was the go to on Saturday mornings. Or maybe I didn't know any better at 6 years old but to me there was nothing more beautiful than the scent of newly washed sheets or bed linens and a clean room to rest my head.

Yep, I am one of those people that loves a tidy clean home so when things get cluttered with all of my soap and candle making equipment I actually get anxiety. It's a family thing. We all suffer with this genetic disease. It started with my mom and aunt and was passed down to my brother and cousin. Truth be told, I think we are all ok with it. Like making the many products for my stores, I find a clean home, making cleaning products and keeping things new looking oddly satisfying.

Since 2020, the Pandemic and tackling germs, I've been on a quest to find effective cleaning alternatives that are good for you and your home. As we jump into spring, let's share and create The Natural Home together.

Here's the very first cleaning recipe that you will love with simple products found in your herb garden and the farmers market or grocery store.

Consider this an all purpose cleaner that can be used on most surfaces - my favorite is windows and inside the frige, it's great in the bathroom too!

Orange Thyme Cleaning Vinegar

This powerhouse cleaner is budget friendly and kind to your space. It's can't get any easier to make and is super effective.

What You'll Need:

  • Glass Jars

  • Orange Peels

  • Thyme Sprigs

  • White Vinegar

  • Strainer

  • Orange Essential Oil

  • Thyme Essential Oil

  • Glass Spray Bottle

  • Distilled Water

To Make

Fill the jar to the top with half orange peels and half thyme springs. Top it with white vinegar, and steep for two to four weeks. (yep weeks). Strain the mixture and discard the orange peels and thyme springs, Rebottle in another glass jar adding the essential oils if desired.

To Use

Fill a glass spray bottle with equal parts of steeped vinegar and distilled water. Steeped vinegar is shelf stable and will last for years.

Side Notes

  • A 16 oz. jar would fit peels from approximately three oranges and a 1 inch bundle of thyme sprigs.

  • For essential oils, add approximately 20 drops per 1 fluid oz.

  • For occasions if you need a stronger spray, straight vinegar can be used.

  • Remember to always shake before using to disperse the essential oils.


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